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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm not claiming any of these characters, so please don't sue me!
Legolas wandered quietly through Mirkwood. Like most Elves his age, he had no worries or cares on his mind. He was, as we would say, a teenager in, Elven years.
Suddenly he was aware of an elf trotting up to him from behind.
"It is my pleasure to inform you, Prince Legolas, that Aragorn, Heir to the throne of Gondor, is going to be visiting in one weeks time, and you father, His Majesty, wishes to inform you that you will be his guide and host until it is time for him to leave."
Legolas, recognizing him as a servant, thanked him coolly. He was soon on his way to the palace, his destination the throne room. He planned to talk to his father about who this Aragorn person was.
He found his father sitting on his throne, studying a book with very small print in front of him. He looked up as his son came in.
"Hello, Ion nin. I was meaning to speak to you!"
"Hello, Ada. Who is Aragorn?" he said, not wishing to waste time beating around the bush.
"Ah, the exact thing I was getting to! He is, I hope your future friend. He is about your age, in Men's years, of course, and you will be helping him around the Palace and the whole of Mirkwood, for that matter."
"Why?" Legolas demanded.
"Because, he will be our guest, and we must treat him with the utmost respect," he replied tersely. "Now go out and play, you have little time until dinner." And with that he looked back down at his book, ending the conversation.
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