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"Uncle Erestor."

"Aye, Lindir? Oh, be careful. Here let me help you..."

"Did you enjoy the play?"

"Aye, I enjoyed it very much, especially the end. You looked extremely fierce when you confronted Morgoth. Many of the other parents, and even Elrond, said that they were amazed. Even Glorfindel, when he was here backstage with us just now, told me that you were quite as menacing as a real orc. Happily, he is not troubled at all by the fact you bit him, although he has gone to the healing rooms to apply a poison antidote to his hand."

"He deserved it. Ow."

"Darling, you should never bite anyone, especially not with the fangs of a spider."


"Oh! Sorry, sorry! I caught your hair on that leg. There! All done now."


"Aye, Lindir."

"Why are Morgoth and Ungoliant evil when they created the Sun and the Moon?"

"Well... well, they did not create the Sun and the Moon. They merely destroyed the Two Trees, an act that prompted the creation of the Sun and the Moon by the Valar."

"Aye, but if the Two Trees had not been destroyed, then the Sun and the Moon would not be travelling the skies and Middle-earth would still be dark."

"Well... perhaps. There are still the stars..."

"So what Morgoth and Ungoliant did was a good thing. They made the rest of the Valar create light for the rest of Arda."

"Well... that was not their intention..."

"Elrond told me that plants need the Sun to grow, and that animals and the Children of Ilúvatar need plants to grow, so Morgoth and Ungoliant helped the plants and animals and the Children of Arda too."

"Eh... aye, perhaps, but only indirectly and not intentionally. As I said, Morgoth and Ungoliant only destroyed the Trees. They did not send the Sun and the Moon into the sky. In addition, Morgoth and Ungoliant, when they were with us, went out of their way to destroy the plants and animals and Children of Arda."

"Aye, but if the Two Trees had not been destroyed, then the Sun and the Moon would not be in the sky, would they Uncle?"


"Would they? And if Arda was still dark, there would not be many plants and animals and Children for Morgoth and Ungoliant to destroy anyway."


"Uncle? Imladris would be dark if Ungoliant had not..."

"Lindir... this is an interesting conversation, but... I should return this costume, dead... spider thing to Glorfindel. In the meantime, there is a little surprise for you in my rooms. You may go there and start it without me."

"Oh. A surprise?"


"A good surprise?"

"Aye, a good surprise."

"A present? What is it?"

"Something tasty for my lovely little Ungoliant."


"Hm... aye, among other things. Go and have a look."

"Aye! I love you, Uncle."

"I love you too, Lindir."
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