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Me in the World of Fanfiction

I write fanfiction and original fiction as well as some albiet substandard poetry. Some of my stories can be found on as well as I enjoy having people critic my stories because this gives me a chance to improve.

I'm very much a Tolkien purist and as such I have a rather love-hate relationship with the movies. I love them because in essence they capture many of the themes of the books and spectacularly bring Middle-Earth to life. However, I find myself constantly finding canonical errors in them that I don't see as being necessary and this makes me feel a little disappointed in them. Things like the miss use of words. This is most seen in all things Rohirric. The confusion is easy to see when you have a country called Rohan where the people are the Rohirrim and the Eorlingas, where they ride in Eoreds and speak Rohirric. But please, they had some of the most indepth students of Tolkien's works on the project.

In the Stillness of the Moment is at the moment my baby (no pun intended). This story is my best work to date and with the help of my two betas Last Temptation of Homer and Yuhi(neither write at this site works from both can be found at one for canonical edition (Temptation) and the other for gramatical (Yuhi) I look forward to continue writting a quality story. However, I would greatly appreciated any and all constructive feed back you may have for me. This story is just about as canonically solid as I can make it. Temptation is more of a purist then I am and I swear she has just about memorised the HoME books.

Of What is hidden in the Woods is a piece of fanfiction I began in the fall. I have been fully meaning to finish it but I have been busy working of Stillness and living my life as a poor down troden time lacking university student. This story is well planned out and as soon as I get inspiration to type it I will post the next chapter.

Story Types that REALLY Annoy Me

-Blatant Mary-Sue's of any kind

-Stories that massacre canon

-Arwen paired with anyone but Aragorn and visa versa....This is impossible, read the tale of Arwen and Aragorn for heaven's sake!

-Elrond/OC does anyone else not see what is sickenly wrong with this picture! Elves are monogomous end of story. Celebrian is still alive, although she dwells in Aman. Elrond is not about to take a lover!

-Any story with a teen and an elf in love. Okay, why you ask....simple...mature wise being, and hormonal, over dramatic girl. Simple problem of incompatible maturity levels! If you must at least make your OC an adult for all our sakes

-Most Legomance, in the past I have found a couple really well written ones but in general there all the same plot line.

Well until we meet again. Namerie.

A Bit about my real self

In real life I'm a 22 year old stressed out second year university student. I'm working on a bachelor degree in physics and geology. My days are generally filled with school work and training and then I write to fill up the cracks. This leaves little time for a social life.

During the summer I'm generally working in some far flung place with little contact to the outside world, and generally no internet connection.

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