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Hey there. Hmm...what to say? I like collecting seashells, drinking pina cooladas, and long walks on the beach. Kidding. Sort of.

My name's Tegan, I'm sixteen years old, and I can't exactly remember how long I've been writing fanfiction, but it's been quite a while. I write mainly het book-verse, and I love to delve into places that Tolkein somewhat neglected in his writing, though I try to stay as true as I can to what he did tell us. Other than that? Hmm...I'm an aspiring filmmaker, and I've already had one of my films shown at a film festival in a city near my town. I'm the co-founder of my school's a capella group, Triptych, though I love to rock out on my guitar. To be quite frank, I have no idea how I find time to write between all that. You'll love me.

Oh, and like most fanfic authors, I thrive on rootbeer and reviews, so feel free to contribute either.
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Challenges by LadyofLight
Summary: Choose an original character of one of the races/countries that allied with Sauron (Orc, Harad, etc.) and give their perspective or account of the second War of the Ring.
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