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I'm an ardent LOTR fan, especially of the books. Most of my work involves more obscure/little-covered areas of the stories, like, "Of Elrond and Celebrian," which was inspired when I read The Unfinished Tales. I'm not a big fan of slash; I usually stick to the more "classic" stuff when I write, but I try to edit/critique with an open mind—what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone else. I am listed as an aspiring beta-reader for writers who would like me to read their stuff.
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Challenges by Ithildin
Summary: One of the things that annoyed me about the LOTR movies was that they couldn't put everything from the books into the scripts—also that the movies were not entirely true to the books, but that's another age-long rant. The challenge is to take a scene that was either omitted/changed in the movies (e.g. Arwen in the place of Glorfindel, Tom Bombadil) or not acted out in the original texts (e.g. the parting of Elrond and Arwen) from the book and put it in its place in the movies. It MUST follow canon, though you can write it in screenplay format if you wish. Any characters, any ratings, you know the drill.
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Summary: Use a CD, song, or work of a musical artist as inspiration for a story (song or album titles for chapters, lyrics for plot inspiration, you get the idea). Compilation CDs are acceptable, but they are limited to that CD only. If you choose a particular band/artist you are limited only to their entire published works. In the notes preceding please give some explanation as to why you chose the album/artist. Also, please remember to give credit where it is due and give the artist/band credit for their work. Any ratings, genres, or characters are good.
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