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Marc Antony is a good orator.

Unlike a mjority of the writers here, I am male. I am not gay, and in fact joined this site becasue I like writing, and I don't have an effeminate obsession about beign an elf. Unlike virtually everyone who is on here, I have never read a thing of LOTR (I can just imagine all your faces lighting up in amazement, fury, and consternation! It is a very nice feeling to inspire such emotion. Occosainally I'll be bored and read LOTR stuff on here but I'm basically here for writing in general. I will most likely never publish and LOTR fic on here.

I play the violin, viola, and bass guitar. I am the concert master of my highschool string orchestra. I play the bass with my friends in a garage.

In the realm of athletics, I used to swim but that was unrewarding and now I swim in a gym to keep my pectoral muslces big. On the track and field team at my highschool I do the pole vault, the event where you run down the runway, stick the pole into a stationed box in the ground, bend the pole, jump and go flying extremly high over a bar and then land on a padde dpit, and YES, in fact, it is very hard. I always play soccer, and resent baseball, which I had been forced to play for my younger years.

I work very hard at school, probably harder than I need to, as people every day tell me that I am extremly smart and I would describe myself as such. I am very goal-oriented, and I maintain a 4.33 grade average (2 wieghted classes.)

When I grow up, I want to be a politcal scientist and lawyer and make the ibg bucks as well as becoem a politican. I heart politics and I am a liberal. Consevaitve Christians who think that religion shoudl be involved in government I believe to be evil and trying to destroy a good thing about America (which is the country in which I live; more specificlaly I live in Southern California on the coast north of San Diego.)

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