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Hello all! There isn't too much to say here, but hey, I feel as if I should put something. I'm a seventeen year-old girl from the USA. I really love writing, and I'm really happy that I've found a great place like this to put some of my LOTR related works. If you're reading my bio, maybe that means you've read some of my stuff. If you have, thank you so much. Even if you don't leave a review, there's a counter on the site that tells me when you've read.

If you're here just to read up on me before looking at my stories, then I've got a little more info to give.

I have two yellow labs, and three siblings. I live in Connecticut and when I'm not writing, I'm singing, practicing my lines for whatever play I'm in, or playing the best instrument in the world--my tuba.

I found Lord of the Rings through my father and older sister when I was in the third grade. Gotta love the Brian Sibley tapes. Whether it's building snow models of Barad-Dûr and Isengard in my backyard, or writing about Middle-earth from the great indoors, I'm in love with the world Tolkien so graciously built for the world.

The stories I tend to update the most frequently, (in order of frequency,) are:

Walking the Line: Book Two

The Super Secret Diaries of Arwen Evenstar

Moria with an H

I hope that, if you do read my stuff, you enjoy it. Thanks!


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Challenges by callerofcrows

Basically, what if Sauron, the Nazgul, orcs, and so on and so forth were the good guys and Aragorn, Elrond, Legolas, Frodo, etc. were the bad guys?

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Summary: What if Aragorn had chosen Eowyn instead?
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What would the fellowship be like if all the main characters were female? This doesn't necessarily have to be a story, you could put it in something sort of like my rant format.

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Summary: Write about the end of Middle Earth, or in other words, the end of the world in Middle Earth.
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