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I have been a LOTR fan for quite a while now soI decided to try my hand at writing fanfics. I am also a beta-reader so let me know if you want help editing a piece. That being said, I love getting reviews and constructive criticism on my own pieces.

Favorite book: Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind

Favorite LOTR character: Estel/Aragorn/King Elessar

Favorite song: "I've Got the Magic" by B.O.B.

Favorite subject: Physics

Favorite TV show: Doctor Who

I also have an account on

To read more of my recent, non fanfiction, writings, check out my figment page below. Thank you!
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Challenges by Lady of the Lake
Summary: I'm sure many of you have dreamed of/ read fanfictions about traveling to Middle Earth. But what if part of Middle Earth came to you. Like a country or land. Or maybe you made a forest to look like Lothlorien. You choose. Anything along these general lines. Try to keep it cannon and clean.
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