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Well let's see... Like so many of you claim, I too, am awful at talking about myself. So I guess just look like you're paying attention, and I'll go on.

My name is Adrianne, or Anne or Annie but please never, ever Andie. I live in the US, go to college, and I'm a bartender. Pretty average, huh?

My freshman year of high school, one of our assigned readings was "The Hobbit." It was probably a mixture of my rebellious attitude and mentally not being ready to be introduced to Tolkien, but I thought it a terrible book and started copying from the girl who sat next to me. Then we got the movies.. my dad wanted to see them, but I was lukewarm.. I went to drool over the actors. One day it just clicked, and I saw them as works of art and now think Tolkien should replace Shakespeare in schools lol.

I now have a running joke with my mother; whenever I refer to "My precious", she knows I'm talking about my dog.

As for any beta work, I am more than happy to review anything sent to me. As I'm not a real or professional editor(had to throw that in) I try my best, but I'm not perfect. If you wish a second opinion after me, thats fine. I won't be offended.

Anything you've got, send to

I get this question a lot, so I may as well adress it here.. Do I do casting calls/ cameos? Absolutely! And I have fun with it.. Want your character to appear in a story? You gotta let me know!

Now, I have to get this out there.. I am horrible at sticking with one story before I start another (As I'm sure you've all seen.) Once I come up with an idea, the characters don't leave me alone until I have something started. Which, as you can imagine, puts me behind on my *previously* started stories. Never fear though, I will get to all of them at some point in time. I just ask your patience.

Love and Light,

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