Penname: Ireth Celebrindal [Contact] Real name: Katrina Mae
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Hi! I am a fun-loving thirteen-year-old homeschooled Filipina girl in ninth grade. My interests/talents include writing, singing and composing music, swimming and diving, figure skating, and doings crafts such as knitting and sewing.

I go by Chloe Phoenix (my character and alter ego), and Ireth Celebrindal. You can find me on Xanga at and on deviantART at If you would like to have one or more of your (strictly LotR-related) fanfics posted on my site Scribes of Rivendell (, just contact me, or mention it in your review of one of my stories!

Also, in case you're familiar with FanFiction.Net, my penname there is The Ocean Is My Inkwell; I'm also a beta reader there. I have an account on as well under The Ocean Is My Inkwell, both as writer and beta reader.

Thanks! Enjoy my stories!

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