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From the very moment I first watched The Lord of the Rings movies, I was completely hooked, and quickly proceeded to devour the books. My favorite thing to do as a writer is to delve into relationships between characters, and I feel that the hobbits provide a perfect canvas for that. I don't know what it is about them that I find so intriguing, but they always seem to find themselves in some sort of adventure! (Especially my favorite- Pippin!)

Recently, my friend Ar-feiniel (aka Fei) and I began a round robin entitled "Guards of Himring vs. Killer Tooks". She says I looked at her Maedhros the wrong way, so I sent my army of Killer Tooks (and a few friends...) after her and her Guards of Himring. Please check out the continually unfolding drama at Ar-feiniel's page, and feel free to leave reviews- we love them! It's my first attempt at random humor, as I'm generally an angst/drama writer, so I hope you enjoy it as well as my other stories!
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