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I give up on the world. If my generation is too busy straightening their hair and drooling over Orlando Bloom to care about global warming or the starving children in Africa, count me out! Am I one of the only intellectuals left? Are there any others? If so, we need to band together! Start a resistance! Overthrow the hold celebrity ‘hotties’ and chatspeak have on the others! Who’s with me?

No one? Right then. . .

There are five things you need to know about me:

1. I dislike Sues. I will not say ‘hate,’ because I reserve that word for actual people, not badly characterized fictional characters. I will tell you if your OC is a Sue. I take great care in making sure my characters are not Sues.

2. I am a purist. That means that I hold the books of Tolkien in highest regard, and greatly dislike when people mess with it. Meaning, they leave out important characters, they characterize canon characters horridly, and they create insane and impossible OC romances.

3. My favorite character is Ecthelion. And it is not because I think he’s good-looking. It is becasue he sacrificed his life for his people, even when wounded and almost unconscious. He did not quail from Gothmog because he was wounded. He met the Lord of Balrogs head-on, regardless of his own safety. I hold this noble warrior of Gondolin in highest regard.

4. I do not especially like Legolas. I know that he is a great warrior, but I like so many other characters in Lord of the Rings so much better. Like Gimli.

5. I am a fifteen-year-old sophomore.
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Challenges by Silence is Mithril
Summary: Take a plot from your favorite movie, book, TV show, play, whatever! and use Tolkien characters to retell the story, your own way. Be creative! Come up with a catchy title that's a play on the original. Create OCs to fill in blanks. Change the ending for the better (or worse!). But please, no NC-17s!


Pirates of Belfalas
A cursed ship sails the waters of Belfalas, destroying settlements... and she never leaves any survivors. Eowyn, the neice of the king of Rohan, is plunged headfirst into a world of cursed gold, undead pirates, forbidden love, and adventure with the charming Captain Aragorn. (Pirates of the Caribbean)
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