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Mae Govannen to my a little new at this at the moment so my writing mught be a little rusty. Im in the terrible teeange years but that doesnt stop me daydreaming.Im am obsessed with the supernatural/fantasy thing it makes life interesting.I have wrote other things on Quizilla ext so i hope my writing is worth this,it means alot to me my stories so if you do read some of my work i hope you enjoy it.
I live with my family,Im studying art,english,history,drama and music for some of my GCSE's.I wish to become a writer of someone of a creative flare.Im single,brunette,pale blue eyes colour.Smart,sarcastic,creative and responsible. I cannot tell you what are my faveroite things for that would be like a story itself i dont think theres anything else to put right now so unless you read a story of mine then I bid you farwell.
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