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I love reading fanfic and Tolkien's Arda , its elves, hobbits and ents! The stories are just too good to be true.


1. THE SONG OF SUNSET: by the talented, versatile JDE.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. The author is one of those natural storytellers and gets you into the AU till you are addicted to the point of no return. Powerful women, powerful men and power struggles. ME comes alive in a way you have never seen before. 5 generations of a doomed family and how they still are hopeful. It's a classical thriller. JDE's language is beautiful and moving. The Journal of Fingolfin and The Journal of Maglor are highly recommended. They are great stories. The Journal of Maglor makes you cry. (JDE is good at making people go for tissues.)

No overdone cliches. No boring pairings. The AU hooks you till the very end. Don't miss it! The best index to her stories is found on her live journal account. click here

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