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Hi I'm Nancy,I'm 17 and I've been a guest on this site for a year and finally chocked it up and got a membership. I've been a l.o.t.r. fan from age 6, when I was adicted to the hobbit. When I got the books I only got worse with the extra info. So here I am. lost to the adiction. I'll need rehab someday, i'm sure of it.
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Challenges by Erethren
Summary: What if a Shape shifter appeared in Middle earth? What would the Arda residents think of a Human that can shift form to a wolf/jaguar/eagle/horse/ect you get the idea. Would they see an interesting friend or a dangerous threat? Or better yet what would he/she think of them? It is a free run from there. Use any Characters or places you wish. It can be a crossover or OC. A love, hate, wild, or easy going story. Give me your best shot, show me what you got!
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