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I am an author of the Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring fan fictions. I am a member in four different websites with different names (unintentionally, usually forced by circumstances): AiedailWing in FanFiction.Net;

Eärillë in Stories of Arda; wind rider in here (Lord of the Rings FanFictions); and wind rider in Shurtugal Fan Fiction. I post my fics around (mostly the Lord of the Rings ones) in hope of getting various comments from various readers unique to each site, not because I am too lazy to create new fics for each site...


I like:

Books: the Cronicals of Narnia, the Inheritence Cycle series, the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Ring series, the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, the Spiderwig series, the Five Famous series, the Alchemist (by Paulo Cuelho).

Food: cheese corn, fried potatoes (french fries), corn soup.

Drinks: Ireish whiskey, chocolate, Coca-Cola, cool water, sugared milk, yogurt.

Fruits: durian, salak, mango, apple, strawberry.

Flowers: roses, edelweiss.

Films: the Lord of the Rings (all), Narnia (all), Harry Potter (all), the Delta Force (all).


About myself:

Name: (I don't really like my real one, and this is my nickname) Rey

Birth: October 15th, 1987

Country: Indonesia

City: Jakarta

Current occupation: student of Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta, majoring education minoring English, currently finishing up undergraduate essay

Hobbies: too many, but all revolve around nature and creative writing

Hopes and desires: travelling all around my country and the world, being a well-paid translator, being a well-known author


I will post news here also when I have the time or when I have any info to share. :) Until then, see you around!



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Challenges by wind rider
  1. 1.) Fire. 2.) Pet. 3.) Transportation. 4.) Plants. 5.) Threats. 6.) Water. 7.) Wind. 8.) Hobby. 9.) Tradition. 10.) Earth. 11.) Breaking the Habit. 12.) Betrayal. 13.) Rebellion. 14.) What Happens Now? 15.) Retaliation. 16.) Count Down. 17.) Celebration. 18.) Count Up. 19.) The Lion and the Mouse. 20.) Gems and Jewels. 21.) Stealing. 22.) New Race. 23.) Run and Run and Run. 24.) Filling In the Gaps. 25.) Documentation. 26.) Metal. 27.) Connecting the Dots. 28.) Waybread. 29.) Wayward. 30.) Crossing the Line. 31.) Leaf. 32.) Painting. 33.) Dreams and Fantacies. 34.) A Book. 35.) Let’s Play A Game. 36.) Sunrise. 37.) Clouds. 38.) Sunset. 39.) Ship. 40.) Down the River. 41.) Fell Creatures. 42.) Anatomy. 43.) Tears. 44.) Wounds. 45.) Valinor. 46.) Justice. 47.) The Nature of Evil. 48.) Language Lesson. 49.) A Simple Delight. 50.) First Word. 51.) On the Brink. 52.) Learning. 53.) Hatred. 54.) Cold. 55.) Hot. 56.) Snow. 57.) Anyone of Us. 58.) Friends Forever. 59.) Feuds. 60.) Hierarchy. 61.) Falling. 62.) I Am Flying! 63.) Vanity. 64.) The Image of Perfection. 65.) Inner Beauty. 66.) Point of View. 67.) Failed Attempt. 68.) Oaths. 69.) From Afar. 70.) I Am Still Here. 71.) Arrow. 72.) Lifeline. 73.) Destruction. 74.) Hidden. 75.) Handicapped. 76.) Harbour. 77.) Half-Way. 78.) Spies. 79.) Flaunting. 80.) Cowardice. 81.) Far-Fetched.82.) Fickle. 83.) Fight On. 84.) Threads. 85.) Parly. 86.) My Weapon’s Name. 87.) On My Own. 88.) Murderer. 89.) Mixed Feelings. 90.) Fountain. 91.) Hunting. 92.) Letters. 93.) Deadline. 94.) I Know You, But Where? 95.) A Difficult Road. 96.) First in Mind. 97.) Fellow Sufferer. 98.) Finally. 99.) The Flag of Surrender. 100.) Beyond the Circles of the World.


No slash/femme, please, and no graphic sex/violence too if there is no reason for either.


If you do not get the meaning of any of the prompt, please do not hesitate to contact me (wind rider) through the E-mail address in my profile.


Two or three prompts from here were taken from the existing challenges, although I forget which, but the rest are my own that I wish to share with you. Enjoy the challenge and happy writing!


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