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A year has past since I first began posting fanfiction. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Here's a little bit about Ever and Ever, which has been my child for more than a year now:
I've been told that Calahdra's story is AU, that she's a Mary Sue, that I haven't captured Tolkien's style. I say that all of that is garbage. The following is a response I posted regarding a comment NessaMahtar posed on my Formspring: "When I first started writing on LOTRFF, one of the first reviews I recieved included something along the lines of this: "For trying to write in the style of Tolkien, this is pretty good." Something about that comment haunted me for a long time, and I tried (in vain) to master Tolkien's style. When at last I threw my hands in the air, I had the biggest writing epiphany ever. I came to this conclusion: An author's style is their own, and they should never try to copy someone else's style if it means sacrificing their own point of view. After all, 'Imitation is suicide'."

And for that reason, it is my opinion that every single piece of Tolkien fanfiction is AU, that Tolkien's style cannot be copied, and that 'Mary Sue' is just another way of turning burgeoning authors away from the most competitive field of fanfiction there is.

Calahdra's story is my gift to the world, and although it will never live up to its literary parent, I can only hope that it might put smiles on the faces of as many readers as possible.

Now, I have started Ever and Ever's semi-sequel. It will take a while to gain some momentum; that, I can assure (my life is as busy as ever). But eventually, I hope to show more of Calahdra and Legolas' fate behind the tangled web that is Eomer and Lothiriel's romance.
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I pulled these straight from my head or various song lyrics. Feel free to use them however you like. Whatever characters, whatever age, whatever rating. Just please enjoy! -Whisper
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