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Just so everyone knows, I am the same author who preiously went under the pen name IrishDancer, but I couldnt remember my passowrd, and for some reason this website won't send emails to my old email or to the webmaster, so I had to create a new account with a new amail. But it's me! lol Sarah, except now I'm nineteen (as of Friday) and a foundation (freshman)student at the Kansas City Art Institute for a double major in animation and creative writing! yay! College starts the 20th of August, so I'm purty excited! I'm going to try to write my stories directly on this website now, because my word processor expired and I don't have money to get a new subscription, lol! Sucks to be poor, but lifes good, so whatever! Anyways, my writing has hopefully improved... in fact, I sent a rough draft of my actual novel to Dark Horse Comics for an editor to lok at just for critiques and not for publishing yet, and he said it sounded like a very intriguing story and he was interested in working with me in the future (yay!) but that won't be for a while, sigh....
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Challenges by gwwyndolyn
Summary: Write a Mary sue fanfiction where a modern girl comes to middle earth, but has no knowledge of where she is. She must be from our time, or after the Lord of the Rings was popular. You must make this mary sue normal in everyway. I would like someone to write about her falling in love with an elf, and how the elf would respond to her realistically, keeping the elf and all Tolkien's characters as much in cannon as you can :). No super mary sues!! Also, how will she get back to our world, and what kind of drama will ensue while she is in Middle Earth. There must be one major/secondary character death, and the modern girl can't speak elvish when she arrives! Neither can she speak the common tongue, because the commmon tongue was not english, either! Please, no slash, keep Tolkien's characters in cannon. Also, no crossovers. It would be much more challenging without. Have fun with it! What kind of things would she have brought with her? iPods, speakers, a watch? How would her being modern affect Middle Earth (WITHOUT changing the story!)? Have fun!!
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