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I live in Italy and study history. I love reading and writing, and have now been lost on Middle Earth for ten years. I'm not planning on coming back.

How 'Scattered Leaves' was born:

My sister: "I dare you."
I: "No. It simply can't be done."
My sister: "Double dare you."
I: "Just leave it be. Many have tried, but few have succeeded."
My sister: "Please! I just can't take it. Legolas needs to find love, first or after. He can't have spent thousands of years on his own. I'm not asking you for anything elaborate, like Tenth Walkers or insertions from Earth. We all know that's the path to Sueland. But you could make up an Elf."
I: "An Elf. Well, yes, that'd be reasonable. But no Noldorin princesses."
My sister: "No, no indeed."
I: "No daughters of Galadriel or Haldir, sisters of Arwen, or nieces of Gandalf."
My sister: "Nieces of Gandalf! Have people really done that?"
I: "Yes, they have. No, I could take a Silvan Elf...borrow for her an ancient made-up ones."
My sister: "No, really. Either you speak Elvish or you just can't go there."
I: "Well, perhaps I could whip up something, after all. Only..."
My sister: "Only?"
I: "I always wanted to write about Faramir, too. My protagonist could go visiting Ithilien...better still, go back there..."
My sister: "Wait! Hey! Let's talk about this!"
Sound of typing from other room. Fanfic on its way.

After long and slow persuasion, my super beta Encairion has finally convinced me my readers might enjoy some here go a few images to accompany 'Tainted Light'.

The hero being the hero, let's start with Maitimo: this was a commission fantastic artist GoldSeven made for me, and one I am very glad of seeing every day on my wall:§ion=&global=1&q=maedhros#/d2nm7hs

Feanor, some of you may have noticed, is a great love of mine; and when I think 'Feanor', here's what I visualize: (artwork by tuuliky)

Once upon a time, yours truly studied drawing...and here's a hurried sketch of what I think Silme looks like.

Fantastic deviantArt artist kittykatkanie accepted a commission to draw Silme, in a very elegant manga goes!

I am also archived at,,,,, and On this last site you'll find me under the penname Aredhel Serinde.
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