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Enelya is eighteen, Australian, a cat person, a fan of bizarre British humour, and a lover of goodfic. She regularly msts and reads sue-sporking stories. She is also not an incredibly regular or frequent updater, as can be seen by the number of stories posted. Thranduil, Denethor, Theoden, Boromir, Faramir, Thingol, Gilraen, the Finduilasses, Gwindor and Turin are among her favourite characters. She's writing this profile in the third person because it sounded like a good idea at the time.

She has a livejournal (see link) where she posts drabbles, icons, squee posts, rants and much nattering nonsense. If you are intrigued, go and visit her there. She is a feedback addict, and any sort of review or response is greatly appreciated. Since she is (a) paranoid, (b) broke and (c) a soon-to-be uni student, she can't give you much in return except stickfigure drawings, but it's the thought that counts. Really.



The drought is broken! ...or rather, it's been broken for a week or so now, but I kinda forgot that I had an account here. *tugs nervously at collar* I joined the 50lyrics fanfic challenge on livejournal, and thus have signed myself away to a life of plotbunny attacks... until I write 50 fics, anyway. I've done twenty so far, and will be posting them here. They are all about Turin Turambar and those involved in his story, because... well, just because. I hope you enjoy reading them, and feedback is appreciated, as always.
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