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There not much to say about me really, except I love Lord of the Rings! I mostly ship, Merry/Eowyn, Aragorn/Arwen, Frodo/Legolas, Frodo/Merry, Frodo/Anyone really, slash or het, and I've recently fallen in love with Gandalf/Pippin. I do hope you enjoy what I have to offer!
I also make LOTR&HOBBIT Fanvids if anyone's interested. Here's the link to my playlist:

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Challenges by milkywaymidnight
Summary: I want a AU Gandalf/Pippin slash story at least 10,000 words long, or longer if possible, where Gandalf realizes he's in love with his Fool of a Took after saving him from Denathor in the Return of the King and has to deal with what he thinks is unrequited love for Peregrin Took. Eventual Gandalf/Pippin requited love please!
Categories: Lord of the Rings Slash Characters: Gandalf / Olorin