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Let's see, alittle about my favorite topic... myself (just kidding here people)! What can I say about myself? Well lets see, I'm one of those people who usually is with people, I'm rarely alone. I love my groups! I'm basically what alot of you might call "one of the guys". In short I play video games, watch horror movies, drive faster then I should, and I can out eat/drink most normal people. I have a bit of a sick sense of humor, though I secretly love most traditionally "girlly things'. I'm not someone who can be easily labeled, I'm so many different things! I dress anything from "goth" to "prep" to "punk", I don't do labels. If you label yourself then your just pretending! I love surprising people and keeping them on their toes. I'll do alot of things for shock value including entering and winning a local beauty pagent. In highschool I was pretty shy and a bit of a priss but now in second year of university you can definetly see I'm not.
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