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Hi. I am Patty--an adult female living in Phenix City, Alabama and I am fairly new to fanfiction writing. I love M/M slash stories and my favorite fandom this Lord of the Rings; and my favorite pairing is Aragorn/Legolas. I have been known to read stories pairing Legolas and Boromir or Legolas and Original (male) Fictional Characters. I also enjoy others such as Faramir/ Haldir and RPF of Viggo/Orlando. I mean no disrespect to other writers and readers who enjoy pairings that are a bit strange, but I think that the Gimli/Legolas pairing, pairings with Sméagol or Gollum or any romantic pairings involving Orcs or Uruk-Hai are just too weird for my tastes. To all who like these, more power to you.

I have completed work on my first 3 LOTR stories. While I feel that these are hardly the greatest of fiction, I think that they are pretty good (and very sappy and sweet). I am working on my fourth fic that is an AU called Another’s Guilt which is a WIP. My fiction will be range from G to Mature (depending on the site).

I think positive feedback and constructive criticism are very helpful and needed to inspire and encourage writers and writing, but flames are just cruel and immature and serve no purpose--JUST SAY NO!

When I start receive reviews for my stories , I will try and respond to them all--including anonymous reviews and those that don’t post here--to my livejournal. So, if no one receives a reply to your feedback or reviews by email, look for them here:; but if I do not, please don’t hold it against me (begs prettily with batting eyelashes!).

I have a homepage! Pleeeeaaase check it out at the link below and let me know what you think at my email address or post to message board on the site!

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