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Gil sila na lu govaded (A star shines on the hour of our meeting) I am 17 years old, a huge bookworm, Christian by the Grace of God, LOTR fanatic purely by choice. I am, needless to say, a veritable Tolkien fanatic, and a big fan of almost any kind of fantasy. I am a Christian, so you will never see any stories by me rated any higher than PG-13. I have flaming red hair, thence the name Narloth. (Fireflower) Aranel is princess in Sindarin (I am not very fluent in the language, but am trying to become so), which is what Sarah means. I would ask you to please review my stories. Oh, some of the stories in my favorites might contradict with what I said earlier, but i skip the chapters with r-rated themes. Hantale, (thanks) and Noro go hul, Bado go Eru. (Run with the wind, go with God)
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