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Hi :) My name's Meg, AKA Larien(my Elvish name- LOTR freak here), MTV (my initials), and Drama Queen (what all my friends insist I am, and I won't deny it). I live in a *really* tiny two-family apartment in New Jersey, and... well let's get to the important stuff, shall we?

I LOVE writing and reading fan fiction- I have ever since I got that laptop on my 10th birthday and discovered this place.

I have about 10 million stories in the works (I even carry around a tiny notebook absolutely everywhere where I can jot down ideas). I just want to have them complete until I'm satisfied with them before I post them.


I LOVE reviews almost as much as I like actually writing, so please review my stuff but please don't be harsh! And don't bother flaming- (lol Megan) ALL FLAMES WILL BE USED TO BARBEQUE!


:( Somebody IM me, i need people to be exposed to my sarcasm, and I also just like talking to eople who have similar interests.


Gotta go, My dad's about to go medieval (yes, thank you josh, I CAN SPELL) if I don't start my physics homework.
~Luv always*
Meg AKA DramaQueen
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