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I adore and worship Tolkien and his works with as much reverence as I regard the Bible. I suppose this is an important thing. Especially around here.

I don't like 'messing around' with stuff in this fandom much, actually - like I said, the awe factor and all, plus the reality that I will probably never even come close to the greatness that is Tolkein, so why bother? - so most of the stuff that will be put up here will be short one-shots and the like. Maybe some poetry. I like poetry.

I do not suffer fools gladly - or Mary-Sues; movie fanatics who believe that they are the *true* canon, books be screwed; flamers; netspeak; and unneccesary prejudice. Grammar and punctuation (especially commas) are pet peeves of mine. Repeat after me: "I do believe in commas! I do! I do!" (clapping optional)

Read and review nicely, and pumpkin cookies shall be yours!
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