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I was born in Florida, though I currently reside in North Carolina. I'm at an age (somewhere between 0 and 99), and a point in my life where I am starting to discover the true meaning of lots of little things.. and a few big ones. I'm finding that I make little accomplishments everyday that I never have before. And while this is good, it is also quite shocking and a bit unnerving.. but it's also fun. On the subject of LOTR, I'm quite ashamed to say that I didn't get into it until a few months before the first movie came out--at which point, my Austrian grandmother on my mother's side handed me the Fellowship and said "HEREREADTHISIT'SYOURKINDOFTHING"... which it was, indeed. And what's pretty shocking about that whole situation is that my grandmother actually knew me well enough to know I'm into this sort of thing--fantasy, I mean.. elves and dwarves and wizards--because we literally never talk. She lives an ocean away and speaks limited English, after all. On that note, I do speak a limited amount of German, although I'm much better speaking it than writing (or typing) it. I enjoy giving and receiving reviews (so long as they're constructive), and I love words. Words, and literature, express what actions sometimes cannot. Words are the language of the heart, whether written or spoken. My philosophy on life and words: while sticks and stones MAY break your bones, words will ALWAYS hurt you.
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