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Well, hello! Let's see. What should I tell you. Basically, I'm a rather boring person. Although, I'm also a bit strange. First, I should introduce you to my muse. Say hello.

Haldir: Hello! it is nice to meet all of you!

Yes, Haldir is my muse. And he's such a wonderful muse. *Haldir beams* We have a wonderful working relationship. Anyway...most of my stories are on and run the gamut from, of course, lotr, to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Anne of Green Gables'. But I hope to explore new frontiers here. fics!

I'm 25...26 years old (recent birthday), married and living in Arkansas (my deepest apologies for Bill Clinton). No kids, just a cat and a dog. I obsess over Viggo Mortensen, David Wenham, Sean Bean, Craig Parker, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and (to a much, much lesser degree) Orlando Bloom. I am also very, very fond of Stargate: SG-1 and it's spinoff, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Mummy, and all sorts of other things that I won't go into right now. I just mentioned those in particular because they come into play in one of my stories on this site.

Well, I think that about covers it. Thanks for reading my bio! Please check out one of my stories! You won't regret it. Or maybe you will. I guess it all depends on your tastes. Thanks again!
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