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I used to belong to this site a few years ago by the name Alatariel. I met a few good friends here (I miss you - Alatariel Narmolanya, your personality was amazing and you seemed to put up with me somehow, haha...xogiggles, you were always fun to be around. It was never a dull day with you two.)

I digress.
I noticed my vocabulary and techniques diminishing, so I decided to return to get some practice and take whatever criticism you send my way. I plan to be writing fiction/fantasy that centers mostly around Aragorn or Legolas, but I'll see where the winds take me from there.

If you want me to read one of your stories and review just let me know, I'd love to.

I would also love to be a beta reader. I'll read anything PG-13 and under and let you know my opinion, if you deem it worthy.

Thanks for your time and enjoy.
Beta-reader: Yes
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