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Greetings, my name is Sarah, but I call myself Midnight. I enjoy writing both stories and poems. My favorite animal is the horse or pony, whichever you prefer.
I love Casting Crowns, Rascell Flatts, Carry Underwood, Tim McGraw, and many other country singers, even though Casting Crowns are not country, I really like their style of Christian Rock, and I have been to one of their concerts.
My favorite Lord of the Rings character is Faramir. Not many peoples favorite character is the way, I do not own the picture, but isn't Faramir hot? My second favorite character is Legolas, yes, I admit, it is Legolas.
I also collect BreyerHorses, I LOVE Breyer's! I have around 150 or so, and show at BreyerFest every year, if you know what that is, but if you don't, I don't really care to explain. Bother Traveller if you must, she will probably tell you. Love you sis! Hehehe... :)
My favorite color is blue, any shade, as long as it's not too light. For example, I do not like baby blue.
I ride English, and I really enjoy jumping.
I am studying elvish, and I know around eleven to twelve words, and a few short phrases.
I am currently working on my series called umm... I don't really remember off hand what it is called... :)
Speaking of hands, I am right handed, but when I was little, I learned to also write with my left hand, but since then lost the ability to do so.
Is there anything else you wish to know? I did not think so...

I wish you good writing, happy reading, and luck with reviewing!
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