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Hi! I'm a HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings and Elizabethtown! Ever sense I saw them, I imediatly became obsessed. Please comment on my stories!!!.... Or don't.
Lord of the RIngs
Obviously, more people here have probably heard more about Lord of the Rings than Elizabethtown, so I did this first. I love Lord of the Rings! My favorite character is Eowyn, Sam, and Galadriel. My favorite setting is either Edoras or the Shire. My favorite scene in the movies... hmm. Probably when Eowyn destroys the Witch King. In the books... I guess it's the same, even though some of the lines were different. I love making fanfiction stories of Lord of the RIngs and many other books/movies, and I found this website! My story, Us Us, is about people from all over books and stories and legends and so on getting into this one world. My favorite actress in LOTR is Miranda Otto, my favorite actor is Orlando Bloom.

Ok, maybe not that many people have heard of it, but I LOVE Elizabethown! It is just as awesome as Lotr! Elizabethtown is about a man named Drew who gets fired and his dad dies, so he goes off to Kentucky to take his body back to his family or something. On the plane he meets the second main character, Claire, and she gives him directions. He does fun stuff in Kentucky, takes a road trip, and at the end after desparately looking for Claire, he meets her in a farmer's market, and uh, they hug each other and it ends like that. It always makes me cry. Anyway, my favorite scene is either the scene where they're talking on the phone or his road trip. My favorite actress is Kirsten Dunst, who plays Claire, and Orlando Bloom, who plays Drew. My favorite setting? Now, that's a hard question, because on the road trip, he goes to all these amazing places. I guess I can't answer that question. My favorite character is Claire because she's positive in a way that I like - she sees the dark side, and all that. Even though I'm more like Drew, Claire is an amazing character (and scrapbooker!)
So... ok! Thanks!
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