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hihi XD: okay I borrowed that from my friend vampireprincessn1.
Skinny Minny
I am a Christian, and will be adding verses to all of my end notes. So if you don't like reading them you can skip the end notes. I am a complete nerd with problems. Meaning I take individuality too far. I can never focus on 1 thing so BEWARE. Naturally I like to hit people, but I'm a complete softy. I'm like a hyper puppy (Husky/Retriever mix: no seriously I took a test and I'm a mutt). My Wild characteristic animals are:
Wolf:hyper, lone but love my peeps
Cougar: artistic
Domestic are:
Mutt: hyper, very mixed
Bengal cat: just hyper
I luv blue and will avoid pink, but wear it occasionaly. *skip this if u hate listening to christians* My fav. Bible verse is John 3:16- For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
It will take me awhile to come up with something but you can find me on any of these sites with the following pennames:
silvermoonwolf-Council Of Elrond
silvermoonwolf-Many Paths to Tread
Jennifer Portkey-Harry Potter::74000
I usually draw with chalk, charcoal, pencil, or acrylic paint. I do my own flower, dogs, and full moon mountain scenes. I can't write yoais but I put in original characters. I hope to join The United States Air Force and become a neonatologist.
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