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What can i say?

I love The Lord of the Rings, I'm addicted to Dom's show "Lost," I love Orlando Bloom, I'm Danish, brunette, 15, and up until January 15th, I didn't know that fanfics were even legal!

But I love writing, and I love using these characters, even though they don't belong to me.

I love movies, as one can well imagine, and reading other people's fanfics.

Forgive me, if, at some place in any of my chapter I say the wrong things.

Well, as for other things, I play the piano, and love doing it, and thats pretty much it for now.

By the way, why in the name of J.R.R. Tolkien does everyone end their stories with the word "fin?" is it because EVERYONE has watched that blooper reel from Pirates of the Caribbean?

Well, just to stand out, I WON'T write "fin" when I finish a story! And if anyone doesn't like it, then bite me.


Just as a reminder, it encourages me when people who read my story leave reviews.

Wow, that was quite a while ago^. lol

I am somewhat different now.

I am attempting to correctly formatt all of my stories now, so to those poor souls who read Chasing Dreams, I am extremely sorry.

Mellyn, on this site: (My friends on this site)

1. XoGiggles
2. Alatariel
3. Spartan Elessar
4. Alatariel Narmalanya
5. obsessedlotr
6. Susan
7. Shmo
8. Sivan

And as for those I did not mention, it is probably because I haven't seen you or your fanfics in a while.

^the ivy! My favourite restaurant!! (hence the five stars)

Leave reviews, and I will be immensely happy.


Oh yes, one more thing. I am never returning to the forums, so stop asking me to. Thank you. And if anyone has any questions about this, IM me at my AIM address.

Hehe....disregard that bit about the forums.
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