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Hello! Lee here with a new bio :) Smaller than the last, I promise :P All you need to know is I'm generally a darkfic one-shot author whose favourite spice to add flavour to a fic is slash :)
At the moment I'm focusing on The Poisoned Goblet as my main project, but I'm considering rewriting the Eternal Mellyn series, as I feel my writing skills have improved vastly in the two years since I wrote it.

People I admire on this site:

Spiced Wine. She is really amazing, but her fics are difficult for a quick read, as they are all around novel length ^_^
Esteliel: Best Glorfindel x Legolas slash possibly ever written!
White Wolf: Amazing Legolas and Aragorn friendship adventure stories
Elfscribe: Amazing slash stories!
Beregond 5: Very good writer, has an excellent FullMetal Alchemist/LOTR crossover
Mordaen: Brilliant crossover author for Orlando Bloom films
There are also some other very good slash writers lurking around who keep changing their names, so it's difficult to keep track!
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Favorite Authors
1. ann_arien
A good Silmarillion slash author. Warning: You'll need to look up the names of Feanor's sons in (Noldorian?) to fully understand her fics
2. arulia34
3. Beregond5
Not many fics, but a good author!
4. Bone Fauna
All six fics are completed, and they're brilliant...if you don't mind slash or incest!
5. BookLuva7
SO funny!
6. Eresse
7. Henoluin_Elsilim
Amazing author, well worth reading her work!
8. Laurelin
9. Lira_of_Imladris
An incredibly hyper young author who loves Legolas and the twins!
10. Lostiawen
11. Mordaen
An excellent Kingdom of Heaven/LOTR crossover writer!
12. orleans
Fics are short and cute!
13. Shadow Ranger
Bit random, lol, but still good
14. Silivren Tinu
15. Spiced Wine
An author who leaves me too speechless to praise! Her fics are co-written by two other brilliant authors. Well worth a read!
16. sylc
A wonderful author for slash!
17. White Wolf
Amazing author for Legolas and Aragorn adventure stories!
18. Zhie