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As of 30/06/2011 I have been uploading my fanfiction to

an archive created by the wonderful Esteliel.

Faerie will become my primary archive. I am under the same pen-name, if any-one wants to read me there. Spiced Wine.

I am deeply saddened that authors I know and respect felt they had no choice but to remove their work, with its reviews and hit counts -- a history of their fandom life on this site, which I loved for friendliness and acceptance. I will follow to read and review where they post.
And I think too, that if the site were to be monetized for profit, rather than site-upkeep, it would run into the same problems as FFN regarding Adult content; in which case, my work would be taken down. It's not safe here unless the site remains as it was.

I have been emailing, *pass-it-on* emails, posting on LJ and trying to get the word about the new archive out, but I know some readers are lurkers, and so, if you still want to read me (and many other wonderful authors of course!) please come to Faerie.

Thank-you for reading me on here (if you have.) If people are reading me, and they are not comfortable on this archive because of what has happened, (I am not either.) I must find a place where they can read. and Faerie will be that place.

Take care and keep well.


Loesvalthen (Esteliel on this website,) BeruthielsCat and myself have recently opened the group Tolkien Elfslash on Deviant Art, for both fanart and fanfiction. (Submissions must be slash/femslash. Any rating accepted under DA terms-of-service.)


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Favorite Authors
1. Amaranth
I am so thrilled Amaranth will be posting her stories here and decided to begin writing.
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Wonderful talent from a young writer who keeps getting better and better
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Superb wordsmith and brilliant author of both Tolkien fanfiction and Ellen Kushner's brilliant 'Swordspoint.'
6. Encairion
Some of her best, most poignant work to date is flooding out in her First Age stories.
7. Enismirdal
Super author of the Elder Days. There are not so many out there.
8. Esteliel
This is the kind of M/M writing I love, eloquent, steamy, mature, wonderful characterizations, a difficult and beautifully handled relationship.
Highly Recommended!
9. Kasmi Kassim
A * readers * author with a stunning talent for words.
10. Los Gloriol
A stunning and experienced writer of lyrical prose who delves deep into the characters of Tolkien's Elder Days.
11. patchworkdove
Talented, wonderful word-usage, and intriguing AU. (and slash *g* )
12. peredhil lover
Lovely, beautifully written stories of the Peredhil and of Aragorn
13. Pink Siamese
One of the most gifted, stunning authors I have ever read, published or in fanfic.
14. Tanis
Truly a beautiful writer. I want to see much more.
15. ziggy
Reading Sons of Thunder. Poetic, violent and beautiful.