Favorite Authors
1. Ar-feiniel
I love your stuff. "LotR Jeopardy" and "Hangin' with Maedhros" are my faves of yours so far, and I can't wait to read more!
2. Calenlass Greenleaf
You're a great writer! Wish you had more stories up! =D
3. estelstheone
Love, Love, LOVE your fics!!
4. Gemini_Elf
*hugs my Gemini* Thanks so much for all the encouraging reviews! You rock!
5. peredhil lover
6. Shadow Maiden
Your story "Please..." is one of my definate top favorites! You are a great writer and I love reading your stuff!
7. Silivren Tinu
"Hunted" is one of my very fav. fics EVER! I can't wait for you to post something new!
8. White Wolf
I absolutly LOVE your stuff and can't wait for more!!