Favorite Authors
1. Ar-feiniel

This author makes me laugh. The humor that she puts in her stories is appropriately placed and always makes me giggle.

She happens to be a top notch ice cream warrior, by the way.

2. Lorian
She writes beautiful poetry that's very enjoyable to read, even if the poems are sad. She paints graceful pictures with her words.
3. Narya
My beta, and a magnificent writer. I highly reccomend everything she's written. Narya is absolutely amazing at putting words at work, and her literary pieces are nothing short of genius.
4. Pink Siamese

She's written the best stories I've ever read. I would strongly, strongly reccomend reading Pink Siamese's stories. She is so incredibly talented.

5. Shadow Maiden
Her writing style is impeccable and her stories are fun to read, whether they're sad or not. I love this author's work.
6. Spiced Wine
A great author and giver of advice. I hold Spiced Wine's reviews in high esteem.