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And now onto the part that interests no!

Name: Peacenik, although I usually go by SwordSwallower17 (please, don't ask me how that screen name came about. I'm a bit foggy on that point myself) or all_americanreject. Or, as I am known on the GAFF board, mrsbean319.

Age: For the sake of simplicity, we'll say sixteen.

Place: The United States, although I really wish I were Canadian. That would just be so cool, walking up to people and going "Hey, I'm Canadian." Of course, I have a really Northern accent, which everyone here makes fun of (I'm from Wisconsin, but for some unhappy reason I live in the South), so people down here, unable to tell the difference between the accents of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and Canada, think I'm Canadian anyway. That might reflect poorly on Candians in general, but it's hardly my fault.

Likes: Panera Bread, Oasis (particularly the song "Don't Look Back in Anger"), the Beatles, Lord of the Rings, Discworld, Panera Bread, REM, Harry Potter, Stephen Maturin (I have this sort of penchant for men in glasses. Like, when I read The Last Continent, I fell head over heels for poor Ponder Stibbons. Yet, for some reason, Harry Potter himself doesn't really appeal to me), The Nightmare Before Christmas -- actually, scratch that. Make it Tim Burton in general. Oh! Oh! And the words "vacillation" and "feckless" because they sound so dirty. And Panera Bread.

Dislikes: When you ask someone, "Do you want a Coke? A Diet Coke? A Sprite?" and they say "Yes." Or when you're in the car listening to music, and someone starts trying to talk to you. And it's really obvious you're not going to talk, because you've turned the radio up as high as it'll go, and they're practically yelling to make themselves heard, but they keep going with dogged determination, and finally just turn the radio off. I hate that. So, in short, when someone can't take a hint. Oh, and Mary Sues, of course. Of which there are far too many...

I am a proud Thranduil Sympathizer!
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