Favorite Authors
1. Anwyn

Exteremly good. Updates fairly  often.


2. Ar-feiniel

Writes many stories but do not be put off by that. She is truly amazing. I would suggest "Return to Me". I am also her beta. Keep up the great work Fei!

Balain na le!

3. BookLuva7

I have read all her stories and loved them. Keep up the good work!

4. callerofcrows
5. Elven Drumsticks

I love how she combines fandoms with such flawlessness. Keep working on it!

6. evenstar_17

Also another Narnia/LOTR that is very good. Keep going!


7. Ilada-Jefiv

Writes good Narnia/LOTR fics. Keep going strong!


8. Sauron
very good stories.
9. Sharpe_and_Harper

Amazing stories. I have not read them all but the ones i did I loved. Keep going strong!

10. Taurauthiel Eruwaedhiel
Funny author