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Hi! Kitt is a is a fancier of a certain bearded Elf. She's addicted to tea (3:00, mind) and likes otters. Don't ask. She's trying to subdue and conquer planetary science so of late fan fiction has taken the back-burner. She has been sporadically reading and writing LotR fan fiction since 2002. (gettin old here). Humor's about the only genre she knows.

Check out Kitt's favorite lotrff authors! You'll find something more worth your eye-strain than here, guaranteed.

Bored with your Elmo-pursuing-you-with-a-knife dreams? Get new nightmares from Kitt's fan-art.

Final promotion... Astronomy Pic of the Day Ask any sleep-deprived astronomy undergrad and they'll tell ya, it's all for the pretty pictures.

Lotrff is the single best site that houses Tolkien fan fiction! Click and compare. (Only half-kidding. :P)
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May Eru bless! : )

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Favorite Authors
1. Ar-feiniel
My best friend on this site! Witty and original, she always makes me laugh. She has a reservoir of talent to match a FŽanoro. :D MMMsssSSS!
2. callerofcrows
She's got interesting stuff and powerful insights! I adored her haikus.
3. Clodia
Beautiful writing - a pleasent mixture of wit, humor and drama. Her Erestor and Melinna are the most charming couple I've ever come across in fanfiction.
4. Dunedain ranger of the North
Fellow Civil War buff and nice guy! I like his simple but deeply emotional stories. He has a deep well of potential! And moreover, we both agree Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain is awesome...
5. Erathene
Wonderful writer with enormous potential!
6. Ilada-Jefiv
Talented and imaginative author. Her Blades of Eru was both a tear-jerker and edge-of-your-seat thriller.
7. Los Gloriol
Her writing is just awesome - I love her portrayal of the FŽanorions. She herself is wonderfully kind.
8. meerkatalex
She has an amazing understanding of Merry and Pippin. She's also very kind and fun to talk to.
9. Mortizya
Amazing author, bursting with talent. Her Little Tolkien is beautifully written: funny, witty and full of friendship.
10. Moth
A detail-attuned author whose energy and perseverance I admire. I’m especially fond of the portrait he paints of the Gamgee family in his Puppy Perception.
11. Narya
Her ability to expound emotions and weave them into her stories is remarkable. She’s very talented, also very friendly!
12. Origo
Very creative - and nice - writer. I enjoy his Diamond Hunters series.
13. owlett
A quirky writer! I love her stuff - it never fails to knock me off my chair from its hilarity.
14. Shadow Maiden
A remarkable poet and kind, helpful person! I always look forward to seeing new poems by her. And ya gotta love her Snowball Fight to Remember.
15. Still Anonymous
I consider her one of the best friends I made in the Old Days back at HASA and SoA. If possible, I enjoy her stories more as time passes. She's got an amazing ability of writing both cute and heart-wrenching tales.