Favorite Authors
1. Ar-feiniel
I like your style and I like talking to you. Oh, and you love Legolas! Right on! And I'd love to hear the story about chasing Erestor through Rivendell with a knife. It sounds interesting.
2. Avadiel
Cool picture! I love your style!

Hope we can get to know each other better.

Shadow Maiden
3. caladhiel amariel
You are good and you have a lot of talent. I hope to keep reading things from you. I know personally it's really hard but if you keep writing and believe in yourself you can do it. And you can always count on me to read and review:))
4. callerofcrows
I really like your style and I look forward to reading your stuff. Keep going and may the wind always be at your back.
5. Dreamflower
6. Dunedain ranger of the North
There is great potential with you and I look forward to reading more. Never give up and always remember LOTR.
7. Echohan
Mae govannen, Echohan. This is Shadow Maiden. I'm keeping my eyes on you *in a friendly way* I really hope to get to know you better through your stories and through mine.
8. elven lily
I really like talking to you and reading your poems. They inspire, cast away the dark of the world and tell me to remember what that light of Valinor really looks like.
9. Henoluin_Elsilim
With writing that you do, you should already be published! Keep doing what you're doing and send something out to be published, you are brilliant! I have admired you since I joined this site, and though I may have let you slip through the cracks, I have never forgotten you completely. I love your stuff. If you write a novel, I'll buy it.
10. I am an Elf
I am an Elf, you have become a friend of mine and I doubt that I will let you fall in the cracks of my life. You are a good writer and I love hearing from you.
11. iggybaby
I love reading your stories, but especially your poems. You are able to put into words things that I never thought you could. You have inspired me to be more than I ever thought I could be.
12. Imaginigma
Oh, I love your writing: clear and descriptive. It feels like what's happening in the story is happening to me.
13. Kitt Otter
Kitt. Wow. I mean with a name like that you immediately had my attention. You are so much fun to talk to. I really should do that more:) Keep going!
14. Lorian

Very good writer. I look forward to reading more from you.

And Arwenundomiel.com, Behindthename.com, & Encyclopedia of Arda are great.

15. Losseflame
Awesome to read . . . when there's something to read! (As Merry would say) Oi, continue!
16. owlett

I love reading your stuff. Interesting view points.

17. Radbooks
Your storytelling ability is amazing. I love reading your stories and hope you plan on adding more.
18. Scribetothehighking
We have already conversed several times and you intrigue me. I realise that my 'story' (which I know is stupid) probably has lost my interest, please continue to read my stuff, because I will continue to read yours.
Shadow Maiden. (Thanks for the help. You have inspired me with your words and poems.)
19. Spiced Wine
Sian, I just don't know what to say. Your writing is so clear, I can soak it in with all my senses.
20. Tari_Elensar
You have my mind reeling! I can't wait for more. Please hurry! Legolas is one of my favorite characters and my heart is bleeding for him.