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Average LOTR fan
Random is my middle name! (...actually it's Raiarasinya)
Asparagus is a pet peeve of mine
New to Fanfiction
Eating chocolate is a hobby of mine *munch munch*
Loves the Elves and Legolas in particular!

Elrond bears a grudge against me for crashing the Council of Elrond *sigh*
Reading, reading, reading-its all about the books!
Unicorns and horses are wonderful-I love riding
Loves corny LOTR jokes
I wish that I could fly
Stardoll is a favourite website of mine
Smiling is a joy of lide
Enjoy my stories and please review!


About me: I am a bit of a bookworm and enjoy the odd fantasy, sci-fi tale, my favourites being the Inheritance Cycle, the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, David and Leigh Eddings' collection and Tamora Pierce's many works. Plus dozens of other authors including Tolkien.

I love Coldplay, OMD, Enya, The Veronicas and Delta Goodrem (love you Aussies!), ABBA, Sting and the Police, Britney Spears and Christina Aguleira (never could spell her last name!)

Movie-wise I like just about anything as long as it doesn't involve gory and graphic sexual stuff (so I guess Pulp Fiction is out for me hmm?!) Quality not Quantity I say!

These fics are my first that I have written myself, usually I have just edited for people and right now along with this, my best friend and I are working on a major Harry Potter fan fiction series-really really big people! Also, I have a tendency to write very fast (I once wrote a prologue and three chapters in the space of two days) so keep checking back cos there'll be plenty more coming!

Enjoy my fics!

With Love,
Rayanne Silverwood xoxo
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Favorite Authors
1. Adora
You are an amazing writer, with a blossoming talent for parody. Keep it up!
2. Aranel Narloth
You write beautifully and I especially love the stories with Glorfindel in them. :) Sarah
3. atouchofhobbit
You have talent my friend, especially for humor! Don't ever stop writing, not with that gift! :) Keep going, Sarah
4. Camilla Sandman
Some idiots say Norwegians are callous, whale-hunting primitives. But Camilla, you are the opposite, with a gift for writing. OFUM Forever!
5. Ciaryn
Quality not Quantity but Ciaryn you have written the best of both. True to Book-verse and even in the style of Tolkien, I admire your writing.
6. Elaura
Three words: classic, gifted and accurate. Not many people can see past the illusions and get to the inner meaning like Elaura can.
7. LegolasLoverLimwen
Legolas lovers together unite! :) Sara
8. Lira_of_Imladris
Breia, you are such a great beta, guiding me paitently through my more crazy ideas, fixing up problems with my writing-what more could an author ask for? :) With Love, Sarah
9. Sharpe_and_Harper
Favourites of one another huh? Keep checking back cos the first book in my new series is coming soon! Stay sweet :) Sarah