Favorite Authors
1. callerofcrows
A talented young author who writes a wide range of characters; currently working on a lighthearted elf fic ("The Super Secret Diary of Arwen Evenstar") and one of the very few tenth walker stories that I enjoy reading ("Walking the Line"). Brilliant at conveying complex emotions and capturing the individual voices of her characters, both canon and OC.
2. Dreamflower
Writes the best hobbit fics I've found yet - fun and occasionally fluffy, but with darker undertones in all the right places. She has tugging the heart strings down to a fine art!
3. Pink Siamese
What to say about Pink Siamese? Not only is she the writer of the hottest erotica anywhere, she can take any idea and turn it into something truly beautiful. Her Dawn of Many Colours AU is so fully realised that I now find myself looking for its inhabitants when I read canon. Just read her, whatever you're normally into. Trust me.
4. Spiced Wine
Creator of the wonderfully deep and sinister "Dark Prince" AU, Spiced Wine's stories are gripping and beautifully written. While most feature slash and are NC-17, if that doesn't bother you then you can't help but be hooked. She can always be depended upon for a helpful and encouraging review, too; I wouldn't still be posting were it not for her.