Favorite Authors
1. Ar-feiniel
Oh, wow, where do I begin? Fei was the first person to review any of my stories ever! I was beginning to get discouraged, thinking that no one liked my writing, and then "poof!" right out of thin air, her review appeared! Now we are having the most intense war ever between two people while still staying friends! That would be, "Guards of Himring vs. Killer Tooks". She's the master (mistress?) of random humor, and has encouraged me in my own humor endeavors. Keep it up, Fei, and thanks for everything!
2. Dreamflower
I read every single thing Dreamflower posts, the moment I discover it! We share a love of The Travellers, and a passion for delving into the relationships between them. We're both devoted reviewers of each other, and I'm learning a lot about Hobbit society from her stories. Her work inspires me to take risks in my writing, such as attempting drabbles and writing stories about the Hobbits when they were children. Thanks for your stories and reviews, Dreamflower, and keep up the great work!
3. Elanor Fay
Another Hobbit addict! Her stories show wonderful insight into the characters that I love so much, and are a refreshing combination of drama and humor.
4. meerkatalex
Her Merry-Pippin angst stories are so lovely and touching to read. Her writing style is rather similar to mine, and we view Merry and Pippin's characters and relationships in quite the same manner. She reviews my stories and vice-versa. Thanks a lot for all of your continued compliments and advice, meerkatalex!
5. Midnight
What can I say? She's my sister. She's got some good poems, though, and I have the *slight* inkling that she might just be a tad obsessed with Legolas. Also, mention the words "David (Daisy) Wenham" in her presence and she drools. Haha. It might be a good idea to lock my door at night, now.