Penname: Lorian [Contact] Real name: That would be telling.
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Hi, I'm Lorian, an avid reader, LOTR and The Silmarillion fanatic and a non-professional (no ropes here!) tree-climber.

I haven't updated anything in a bit, I've been really busy. I have a dozen stories to put up though, sometime, someday...when I find the time. I'm mostly sneaking around the site reading stories though. Sorry if I forget to review your story (I don't always log on), and I hope I'll see you around!

Raise your hand if you hate reading "i suck @ summaries".
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Favorite Authors
1. Anny
;D Your writing is, to put it plainly, laugh out loud good!!!
2. Ar-feiniel
Great stuff, well written, and above all, hilarious!
Wonderful job, keep writing!

3. callerofcrows
I think you were the first person I ever read on here...about four months ago, maybe? Anyhow, you have a really unique, nice writing style. (a la good!) Lorian
4. owlett
Great! Your comedy is funny, your more serious works are generally quite soulful. Lorian
5. Shadow Maiden
I like a lot of your writing, so keep it up! :D

6. Whisper
Please write more!