Favorite Authors
1. Domestic Duchess
Her work is earthy and raw. No sugarcoating here. Very realistic writer. This is how I imagine life was actually like in her piece Assain's Creed. She gets your emotions humming.
2. EldarinPrincess
Her work is a must read. Beautifully writtten work and lovely OC's. They could carry their own story.
3. Irial
She tells a good tale and I look forward to more stories from her.
4. LadyConfidential
Love her story Unruly Blossom. She makes Legolas and Arwen seem as if they were made for each other.
5. luthien85
What can I say about one of my first reviewers, my review buddy as I like to call her? Her stories are so entertaining, especially her Haldir. And her poems are very expressive. Love ya girl!
6. Whisper
Her story Ever and Ever is a definite read. My favorite original female by far.
7. ziggy
Deeper Than Breathing has become my favorite depiction of Legolas of all (even more than in my own stories). Her use of language draws such a vivid picture in the mind that it is like you are actually there.