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I'm mostly an archivist and avid reader, but now and then I dabble in writing myself. I've been a fanfiction addict for over five years now and mostly enjoy angst, h/c and slash. Favourite LOTR-characters include Aragorn (above all), Eowyn, Legolas and Gandalf. I maintain two LOTR fanfiction archives, one is Naice a Nilme, a place for Aragorn and/or Legolas angst, and the other Borderland, a site for LOTR crossovers. Additionally, I co-moderate the Aragorn Angst list on yahoogroups.

If you are interested in reading my fanfiction, please visit my Skyehawke profile. You will find there LOTR, LotRPS, Blood Ties, The Road and various crossovers.

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