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A long, long time (well, over sixteen years) ago, in the far-away land of England, a young girl was cut out of her mother (who was blissully unconscious at the time, having suffered a day and a half of torment), and handed to her father. He looked down at her and named her on the spot.
"She's Hannah Louise."
And Hannah Louise she has remained to this day, though now she is Hannahlou or just Lou for short.
In the sixteen years that have passed since her birth, she accidentally stumbled across Lord Of The Rings one day. She fell hopelessly in love with Meriadoc Brandybuck, saw the films, glared ferociously in the diresction of Peter Jackson for his descision to ruin her beloved Merry, applauded loudly in Peter Jackson's general direction for his descision to make Aragorn so deeply hot, and entered the world of LOTR fanfiction, armed with several fluffy hobbit romance fics, and a hang-up over Merry having not been given sufficient attention in the Appendices.
Her pet hates include: spots, well-organised people, stories based on Merry of the films, and people who call her a gingernut.
She enjoys: reading, more reading, a bit more reading, and also some reading. When she is not reading, she is teaching her small but very beloved pupils, or writing very bad poetry.
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