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Mara aure mellon nin.

Here is my disclaimer...

No characters, places, or wonderful ideas are mine. Only a few bits of humor and some OC's... They all belong to JRR Tolkien... which is where they will stay. Because if they don't...

I will personally make sure whoever took them is tortured with evil plot bunnies they no longer have the privelige of using the rest of their life in jail.

There it is!

About me:

I love reading and orchestra. That is it. Nothing, zip, zero. Reading goes with writing... and my violin goes with me. I hope to read all of your stories, and if you review mine, i usally review yours.

I love poetry.

Band: All American Rejects
Color: Green
Story: LOTR and Star Wars
Dislikes: People who dislike LOTR or SW
Likes: Bright colors, adj., humor.


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