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Mae Govannen.
*vaults into room, crumples to floor, rises, and does some kind of inexplicable dance, probably ending up mortally wounding herself, before changing to the infinitely safer cheese toastie dance, before turning around and seeing people*

And yes, that is a shameless copy of Lira. SUE ME. I have decided to take a leaf out of Lira_of_Imaldrisís extremely prolific book and write a new bio in honour of . . . MY BIRTHDAY!! 5th MARCH!! THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE BOSTON MASSACRE!! Arenít you excited?
Ho hum. Well, Iíll forgive you if youíre reading this. Today, my friends gave me a muffin and lit a candle they had stuck in it, even if the wind did itís best to blow it out before me! However, itís midweek, so thereís no one here but me and my parents, (my brothers donít come home until the weekend) so I donít get presents or cake until then, when me and my big bro have a double celebration. (Heís born on March 3rd Ė can you believe that he didnít even want to come to the hospital to see me when I was born! He wanted to stay home and play his new computer game! Selfish prig)

Well. Here I am. And there you are. Welcome, welcome, darling foes and friends alike. If youíve made it this far, GUESS WHAT? YOUíRE MY NEW FAVOURITE PERSON!! Donít you feel honoured? Yes, YOU out there Ė the one with the face!

Ha. Thatís just me being odd. Well, Iím fifteen today. *shudders* How odd. Ah, well. Iíll get over it. Well, letís hope, a year hence from today then when I rewrite this bio that I will actually have published a few serious fictions. Thatís my current ambition. My other, is, nerdily enough *blushes* to get a review from Kalmir Stonewain, an author who I much admire. Isnít that sad? Well, there, thatís an unbirthday present from me to you Ė random information about my oddness.

HEY!! Thatís totally screwed up! You should be giving ME a present!! Iím so offended. *huffs in corner* *gets distracted by Legolas and turns back*

Well, since I have been here . . . I donít know, a month? I feel so at home! Yay! This is mostly thanks to Junior, my wonderful reviewer with a passion for Boromir, who has totally made me so happy with all of her positive reviews Ė love ya, hon! Anyway, because of this, I think Iíll chat a bit about myself.

Cead mile failte! (A hundred thousand welcomes in Irish) I am, as you have likely guessed, an Irish chick. Though not a bogger. Oh, no. Iím a city girl. I hate school. HA! Bet you didnít see that one coming. Or maybe you did Ė Iím a pretty transparent person . . . Iím rambling. IíM NOT GOOD AT BIOíS, OKAY????

Well, I love to write crap, and LOVE drama. I totally and devotedly love it. Completely. Utterly. There, you get the picture. I also *insert plentiful adjectives* adore Legolas and Haldir. And all the rest of the Fellowship. Well, Iím not going to pretend to be anything other than the clichťd fan-girl. Thatís who I am, and I say FAN GIRLS FOREVER!

I love musicals, and apparently emo music. Huh. Never knew it was emo myself, until Tree hijacked my iPod and ran through the songs in horror, before making her pronouncement. Iím not emo, though. I think . . . you might need to ask Tree that.

Ah, yes, Tree. Such a funny one. I normally love ya, chic! But sometimes you get intensely ON MY NERVES. Youíre a good reviewer, though, and I suppose quite a good human being . . . nah, Iím kidding. You all right.

She wrote me a Sue fan fiction for my birthday. Maybe if I plead enough, sheíll update it. *winks*

Well, folks, as currently, Iím supposed to be studying for a history exam, I should really scat. If you care to tell me what colour your socks are, or that your cat is making odd noises, or maybe EVEN something about my fan fictions, just yell. Love to hear from you.

Enigma out, with a question . . . why are we talking about fences?

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